Always Find New Ways To Improve Your Success

Always Find New Ways To Improve Your Success
May 31 11:04 2016 Print This Article

DXagency is a full-service engagement agency dedicated to helping companies build customer loyalty with a full range of strategic, creative and analytic solutions. With clients like MasterCard, Sports Illustrated, MSG and more DXagency knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in marketing. I have the unique privilege to speak with Sandy Rubinstein CEO of DX and here’s what we got to talk about:

Jay: Running an ad agency is a difficult task, especially in the crowded space of social media. What are some of the ways you help your clients make their mark?

Sandy: You know what Jay, I think that many people make marketing more complicated than necessary. The core of successful marketing is about one principle: Give people a reason to care about what you’re doing. When I transitioned out of TV and focused on the digital space, so many people were wondering how I would be able to change over. But the truth is in most cases, and especially in marketing, the communication channel may change, but the fundamentals never do.

Jay: Okay, so I get it as far as the approach, but as times change the way to create the right message needs to fit with the audience. So does that mean you need to hire more “millennial” bracket employees to create the right message?

Sandy: It’s funny you ask that because today everyone talks about the need to focus their recruiting efforts to reach “Millennials”, but this is only partially true. Many people overlook the tremendous value and work experience older employees can also offer. You don’t have to be a millennial to talk to a millennial and having a mix of different points of view provides a wider lens of opportunity in messaging or concepts you develop.  Fundamentally you need to understand the brand you represent, its target audience and what it wants that target to know. This is the foundation to creating the right campaign that will articulate the right message.

Jay: What type of approach do you look for when hiring new employees? Is there something you look for that identifies if he or she will fit the mold?

Sandy: Here’s the easiest way I can put it. I can teach you what you don’t know, but I can’t teach you how to be a good human. At DXagency we’re all about team effort. We go out of our way to make sure the people who work for us absolutely love coming to work. Any corporate drama or office politics has no place in our company. When I’m looking for a new employee, a portion of what I look for is based on their resume and experience, but my main focus is to look at who you are as a person and make sure you’re someone who’s going to fit well with our group and our team.

Jay: What are some of the things you do to create that exciting environment at DX Agency?

Sandy: Before I answer your question Jay, let me preface that by saying part of my job as CEO of DX is to make sure, and I mean absolutely sure, that everyone looks forward to coming to work every single day. In order to do that we try to come up with as many opportunities for a special occasions as possible. When we notice that someone has been putting in a tremendous effort on a certain project we make sure everyone knows about it, and we place their name on a plaque on the front door of the office. Around holiday seasons, we have a themed pot luck where everyone has to make up something and pick out a reward from our Pot Of Luck, and when we run out of holidays we make new ones up! It’s my job find every excuse possible to reward those who make great efforts and make sure everyone is appreciated.  When someone from the office is out sick we always make sure someone checks in on them, and when someone has a baby everyone spends some time passing around the baby pictures. Creating a great place to work is not about big things, it’s about always doing small but meaningful things on an extremely consistent basis. It’s about showing our staff they mean as much to us as our clients do.  Creating an enjoyable place to work is not just smart it’s the only way for you and your company to succeed.

Jay: What are some of the ways you plan to grow DX down the road?

Sandy: That’s a great question Jay, and it’s something everyone always talks about- if you’re not growing you’re dead. But I think this point is really what separates us from the rest of the pack. We’re a small company with 45 employees and we hope to double and triple that. However, many people think that in order to do that you’ve got to get out there looking for new clients. At DX we use every second of our time taking absolute care of the existing clients we have. We’re constantly looking for ways to optimize their growth. The power of a great reputation goes along way and we know that when we stay true to our clients a steady stream of growth comes through our door. Whatever you do in business, stay laser focused on your current clients and new business will find you!

Sandy RubenstienSandy Rubinstein oversees all DXagency operational divisions as well as marketing strategies and execution. As part of her management role within the agency Sandy also oversees staff development and ensures that each member of the team learns, grows and provides the clients with the best possible work product. Sandy came to DX in 2009 after 20 years’ experience in various senior Marketing, Management and Advertising roles at television networks and consumer brands including: TVLand, General Motors R Works, Lifetime Television and Nick at Nite. Sandy graduated from the University of Miami with a double major in Classical Voice & Business and a minor in Marketing & Advertising.