Captivating Campaigns is the Art to Successful Marketing

Captivating Campaigns is the Art to Successful Marketing
June 21 10:25 2016 Print This Article

David Moritz is the founder and CEO of Viceroy Creative. Through their unique approach especially with luxury brands such as Dolice & Gabbana, GQ, Mercedes and more they have captured the attention of consumers in the fast paced social media world we live in. Here are some of the insights he shared: 

Jay: Acquiring clients like Jaguar, Land Rover, Bloomingdales, Citi and others doesn’t happen by itself. What type of approach have you used that has enabled you to acquire so many illustrious clients?

David: You know what Jay, like all marketers say “I know half of my marketing is working I just don’t know which half” and it’s so true. I wish there was a definitive answer to that question, and I’m sure every marketing company would love to know what that was. I think what has enabled us to acquire a great reputation is our entrepreneurial spirit. And by that I mean, we’ll have companies come to us with a complicated project and we’ll take it head on. We’ll turn ourselves inside out, change our entire identity and work style in order to properly express what any particular company is looking for. In today more than ever staying nimble is the key to success.

Jay: How do you find the balance between accepting complicating and new ideas and not overpromising?

David: That’s an excellent point Jay, because at the end of the day as much as clients want to hear that you’ll do what they are looking for taking on more than you can handle is suicidal for your company. For our team the rules are simple, don’t say you’ll jump out of the plane if you haven’t done it before. We’ll take on the most demanding projects, but only ones we can prove we already know how to do. Many companies will make their clients their Guinee pig in order to get a big job, but from our experience you need to show your client what you’ve done in the past before setting goals for a new campaign.

Jay: Have you been forced to change in your approach to fit the needs and wants of the millennial generation?

David: It’s actually really funny you ask that because all day you hear about catering to millennials, and struggling to find out how to impress them. People ask me all the time how we keep up with all of that. The truth is that it’s certainly true that millennials hold a significant amount of buying power, but from a marketing perspective the fundamentals of marketing never change no matter who your audience is. From my experience there are two basic principles in marketing:

  1. Understanding your current client base and creating content that resonates with them to spark and maintain their interest.
  2. Keep your eyes wide open to the new generation coming into the fold, and give them fascination to dream about your product when they’re ready.


The first principle is more well-known and it focused on creative ads that entice the viewers to make a move. It’s to engage the audience that is already relevant to the product. Your job as a marketer is find pain points that your product eliminates, or to prove that your product provides higher quality. Whatever it is the challenge is not as difficult because you know what people want now, and you know what your product offers.

The second principle however, is what I like to call “brand equity” and it’s especially relevant in the fashion industry. You have millions of people who are not in the bracket to afford your product, it could be because of age, the price range or any other reason. There are millions of kids who don’t even know about your brand yet, but as a marketer your responsibility is to see every child, high school student and millennial as a future customer and their dream so that when they’re at the right stage in life your product is the obvious choice. The difficulty with this aspect of marketing is not just on our side creating the right content, it’s a tremendous investment of time and money for a brand because they will not see their results for years to come.

Our job is to create the right blend for our clients and create content that not only speaks to the current consumer but which will also develop and increase the clients “brand equity” for the future. We put a tremendous amount of focus on telling a story, something that resonates, content that creates a dream and puts a brand miles ahead of its competitors. The audience you work with will always change, but the principles are always the same. If you’re willing keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience is looking for and create the balance of enticing the current consumer together with building a dream for future customers you’ll be in great shape!

David Moritz Updated HI-Res HSEntrepreneur David Moritz is the founder and CEO of three successful businesses: Society Awards, Viceroy Creative and Ambition Beverages. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree from NYU and a JD from Cardozo School of Law, Moritz turned his passion for luxury and design into a thriving businesses empire. His first company, Society Awards, was founded in 2007 and grows by over 50% every year. Under his leadership, the company was included on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious 500/5000 list of the fastest growing companies in the country. A testament to his business savvy, Moritz identified a need within the custom award market and in just a few short years has made Society Awards the premiere company for high-end award design and creation.