Don’t Let The Stress of HR Get To You- Here’s How:

Don’t Let The Stress of HR Get To You- Here’s How:
June 28 13:27 2016 Print This Article

For many entrepreneurs HR services can be a nightmare, which can take your attention off of growing your business. I had the opportunity to speak with Jackie Breslin from TriNet services to learn how their services help alleviate the HR stress and allow you to focus on growing your business:

Jay: Young start-ups and small businesses have so many things they need to stay on top of. How does TriNet HR services alleviate some of the workload?

Jackie: At TriNet we’re able to help businesses with payroll services, benefit packages and so many other details that businesses typically deal with that pertain to human resources. In fact, we can handle an entire company’s HR services as well as to support a company’s in-house HR. Depending on the clients’ needs and wants, we can manage a company’s entire HR department. If they already have a HR infrastructure our model supports that as well.

Jay: Many times smaller companies who are already burdened with improving their bottom line are hesitant to spend money on HR services figuring they can handle it themselves. How important is it for a company to use a HR service?

Jackie: You’re right on the money Jay! We see so many companies who were at first hesitant to set up the proper HR departments that turn to us when they’re met with a disaster. It’s certainly true that as a small company there’s a fight for every dollar, but in the long run you’ll be saving yourselves time and money to make sure the proper compliance is in place. Even simple things like making sure your employees are classified properly. Benefit packages and paid leave are all extremely important and the regulations vary from state to state. Even for me with over 20 years’ experience in HR it’s a complicated process because none of the regulations are going away, and more keep coming faster and faster.

Jay: These elements are clearly relevant, but how soon does a young growing business need to get in touch with an HR department? Is it an immediate need or only after they’ve proved some stability over a year or two?

Jackie: That’s a great question Jay, and I think that a business certainly needs to prove not only to others but to itself that they’re stable enough to stay around and grow. But it’s really not a matter of time. I would say as soon as you’re ready to hire your first employee it’s time to get in touch with an HR service, or at the very least get some guidance from someone who is well versed in HR. You want infrastructure for things like payroll, deducting the right taxes, benefits etc. It’s so much easier to set things straight from the outset than to undo the mistake.

Jay: What type of feedback do you hear from your clients?

Jackie: The biggest thing we hear from our clients is the sense of relief knowing that they’re in competent hands. So much of the struggle is the worry that details are not being handled properly together with fear that regulations are constantly changing. With our expertise we’re really glad we can bring a sense of security to our clients. It’s our job to stay focused on all the current regulations as well as staying on top of all the upcoming changes and trends. That way our clients can stay 100% focused on growing their business. One of the aspects that I think sets us apart is the fact that we’ve been able to integrate multiple pieces all in one place, including the online component as well as HR consulting. We make sure that our staff is always up to date and has a deep understanding of everything you need to know so that when you call you’ll never need to be transferred to someone else. We know SMB’s time is limited and creating a fully integrated system with a personalized touch eliminates the struggle of juggling so many angles that our clients feel confident and secure as they work to grow their business.

Jacqueline BreslinJackie has over 20 years’ experience in HR and has consulted with thousands of SMBs throughout her career – she has experience implementing and managing HR programs to include policy development, learning and development plans, benefits, recruitment, employee retention, and coaching. And, Jackie works directly with TriNet’s small business entrepreneurs and customers daily to help navigate and discuss the issues and challenges they face, as well as leads a team dedicated to assisting with compliance concerns, workplace investigations and challenging employee relations issues.