Salesforce Hosts One-day Growth Extravaganza for New York Small Businesses

Salesforce Hosts One-day Growth Extravaganza for New York Small Businesses
December 13 12:23 2016 Print This Article

At Salesforce, we’re uber focused on helping businesses grow and achieve the greatest level of success, and that’s why I’m excited about Salesforce’s free popup event, Small Business Basecamp, happening this Wednesday December 14 in New York City. After you’ve successfully gotten your business off the ground, taking that next step can be challenging. There are so many things that go into it, from product, sales and marketing, to hiring the right people, setting up finance and so much more.













The struggle is real and in many cases extremely overwhelming. That’s why we’re partnering with brands like Amazon Business and others for a free one-day growth extravaganza! We’re honored to have Beth Goldberg, District Director for the Small Business Administration, present as well. She’ll be able to tell you about many of the initiatives and resources available to help small businesses grow. Knowing which resources are available and the best way to obtain them is extremely valuable to growing your business.

Gone are the days when companies had to raise huge sums of money to compete with “the big boys.” With advancements in technology and social media in particular, you can quickly turn ideas into lucrative businesses. What’s more, there are so many companies out there dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. WeWork, for example, can provide you with the space you need to start your business and also grow with you as you increase headcount and need more space. In addition, Amazon Business can help you take away the stress of dealing with the logistics of your business, so you can focus on selling your product and growing sales worldwide. The opportunities are endless, and at Salesforce we’re passionate about turning those ideas into raging successes.

What’s particularly powerful in today’s business world is the art of connection. Learning how to connect effectively has proven to be the most effective catalyst to business growth. With  so much of business happening online today, the competitive edge for businesses has gone from “location, location, location” into “connection,” “relationship” and “personalization.” The companies that succeed today are the ones that have mastered the art of connecting with their customers. And often, the only way to succeed is to get out of your comfort zone into unknown territory and leap forward.

That’s why we’re hosting Small Business Basecamp. I, along with other Salesforce executives and partners, will be there to sit down with you, hear about your business, help you find the right tools and map out the best plan to get to the next step. With partners like Amazon Business, Squarespace, WeWork, Yelp, Zenefits, RingCentral and others, you’ll hear from real people who have had the same experiences you’ve had. People who understand what it’s like to take an idea and plant it, wait until the roots are strong enough to break into competitive markets and constantly monitor its growth to make sure the business continues to blossom. Visit our website to learn more about the event. Hope to see you there!

jamieJamie Domenici is the vice president of product and small-and medium business marketing at Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 CRM software company. In this role, she is responsible for driving product marketing and go-to-market strategy for Salesforce’s small- and medium-sized business organization. Jamie has worked at Salesforce for five years as a senior leader in product and campaign marketing and previously led operations at Ingres Corp., an open-source database company, and OSIsoft, Inc., a real-time performance management software manufacturer. Passionate about marketing efforts grounded in data and analytics, Jamie began her career working at a small business, where she managed its technology and CRM implementations. She currently lives in San Francisco.