This Shark Tank Company Helps Prevent The Strain of Clogged Drains – Literally

This Shark Tank Company Helps Prevent The Strain of Clogged Drains – Literally
June 22 11:36 2016 Print This Article

A clogged drain is a complete bathroom nightmare. After experiencing a clogged drain and the ridiculously high plumber bill that resulted, Naushad Ali was inspired to find a solution to keep the plumber away. Naushad went on to create Drain Strain –the no clog drain stopper meant for your bathroom sink. Here’s what happened since Drain Strain aired on Shark Tank since February 6, 2015:

Jay: There are so many devices and chemicals for unclogging or preventing clogs in the drain, can you tell me a little about what makes Drain Strain so different?

Naushad: The Drain Strain is a patented no-clog drain stopper meant to catch everything from jewelry, contacts, and hair from getting lost down the drain or clogging it. It comes with a detachable basket that fits seamlessly with your sink, preventing your drain from clogging. What makes it different is that the basket is always hidden underneath your sink, which means you don’t have to see anything that’s caught. It’s a 2-in-1 solution to a significant problem for most people and fits in 90% of homes today.

Jay: How did your appearance on Shark Tank go?

Naushad: It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, though nerve-wracking to say the least. While on the show in February 2015, I asked for $110,000 for 15% of Drain Strain. Though Mr. Wonderful offered $110,000 for 20% of the business, I received a deal with Robert Herjavec instead. The deal was for $110,000 for 10% of my business.

I feel blessed for so many reasons. It is very rare for a prototype to make it on the show. I think there had only been one other from season 1 before me. And to get a deal better than what I asked for was also a real point of pride and validation for Drain Strain!

Jay: Since appearing on Shark Tank, what has happened for the company?

Naushad: Since we had no sales as a result of the show, there was no immediate benefit to our bottom-line. However, the increased brand and product exposure helped open the door to retailers and several hotels reached out to us to pilot initial product testing programs when they saw the episode. Some interested hotel chains include Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta, and Hampton Inn. As a result of the show, I was also able to secure retail deals with Home Depot and Lowe’s to stock our products in store and on their websites. We will have the Drain Strain in 2000 Home Depot and 500 Lowe’s stores nationwide by August.

Jay: What’s next on the horizon for Drain Strain?

NaushadWe’re currently working on improving our online brand presence and our organic search results with Deluxe Corp and David Hyslop. They’ve helped get the Drain Strain available on Amazon Prime and are working on improving the Drain Strain website to make it easier to be found online.

I also intend to expand the product line because of the feedback I’ve gotten from hotels, customers, and others. I want to offer a bathtub and shower model available for consumers and hotels. Every hotel we’ve showed this to has ordered a bathtub version. It solves a real problem for a lot of people.

20151120_NaushadAli_0066Naushad graduated from the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley. He spent 13 years in various management positions in the retail industry. In 2000 he founded BondRewards, a coalition marketing company designed to simplify the consumer rewards experience for both consumers and retail partners. Naushad is currently a principal owner of Northwest Dream Team, LLC ( , one of the top producing real estate teams in WA. Naushad’s unrelenting focus on consumer experience lands him consistently in Seattle Magazine’s list of 5 Star Agents and in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationally.