The World’s #1 CRM Just Got Even Smarter With Einstein

The World’s  #1 CRM Just Got Even Smarter With Einstein
November 07 07:23 2016 Print This Article

I’ve been working at Salesforce for over 5 years and it’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown as a company from year to year. Our mission has always been to help businesses work more efficiently and more productively. Time is one of the most expensive assets any business has and it needs to be managed meticulously, which is especially true for small businesses. The sales process is perhaps one of the most important facets to any growing company and at the same time the most time consuming. With a limited amount of time and resources the burden of finding the right leads and turning them into sales can become extremely overwhelming.

In my years prior to working with Salesforce I worked as a manager for a family owned and run jewelry business and we were literally running everything off of spreadsheets. It got to a point where customers were calling about orders and we just didn’t know where their orders were! We knew we had great merchandise and really wanted to grow the business, but we just didn’t have the tools to do it. We decided to start using Salesforce tools, which were new at the time, and I was put in charge of managing the Salesforce campaign. I was hesitant because I knew nothing about coding or complex software integration. However, I was blown away at how simple it was to set up and manage without having to create a single code! Everything I needed was right there. Having first-hand experience to the growing pains a small business suffers through when they’re trying to grow without Salesforce, has enabled me to relate to other small businesses who are going through that same process. The amount of wasted time that’s quickly eliminated, is immediately replaced with resources that literally direct you exactly where you need to go has made Salesforce the #1 CRM solution for small businesses.

What’s incredibly valuable about Salesforce is the fact that we’re 100% cloud based, which means you and your team can access everything in real time. Whether you’re in the office or on the go everything is at your fingertips. In addition, Salesforce is 100% mobile friendly which means you can stay up to speed from everywhere. Now you can get all the vital information you need fast, wherever you go. View your whole day at a glance with the new Today App. Drive quicker decisions with real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports. And see everything that’s important to you in seconds with Feed First design. If you need to modify your game plan while you’re in line for your morning coffee- no problem, you can now take action from anywhere. Drive sales, align your team, and keep all your CRM current from anywhere. Whether you’re looking to manage Leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities, you can do it all right from your phone. There’s no need to worry about keeping the rest of your team up to date, all you need to is use Collaboration to share ideas and files instantly with your team. And create, sort, and review your To Do list with Tasks. If you’re looking for something very specific it’s easy to customize the Salesforce1 Mobile App for your business. Add the Custom Actions you perform most in a fraction of the time, and then you can build point-and-click Custom Apps and roll them out easily. Once you’ve done that you can instantly deploy hundreds of Salesforce1 mobile-ready AppExchange Apps.

Not only does that enable your team to be more productive it creates a seamless process that will instantly enhance the customer experience consumers have with your business. A recent study showed that by 2020 more than 80% of people will forgo a cheaper price and make their purchases with the company that offers a better customer experience. The challenge is how can you possibly stay on top of it all especially when everyone is looking for something different?

To answer this problem, we’ve created Salesforce Einstein which is an amazing new piece to the Salesforce puzzle. Einstein was the highlight of this year’s Dreamforce event which took place in San Francisco and since Marc Benioff rolled it out a couple weeks ago it’s been a complete game changer. What it does is analyze all of your data, CRM, email and social campaigns and provides you with four main essentials: 1-Discover Insights. 2- Predict Outcomes. 3-Recommend best next steps. 4-Automate tasks. Today everything moves so quickly and changes are happening so rapidly that you can’t afford to fall behind or waste time on menial tasks. With Einstein, your sales team can better predict which opportunities are most likely to close and get recommendations on actions to take to close the deal, your marketing team can find the right prospects and personalize each experience to create deeper, 1-to-1 relationships, and so much more. Staying on top of everything can be challenging and Einstein is making SMB’s work even smarter by making their CRM do all the work so they don’t have to. After a live demonstration of how Einstein works at this year’s Dreamforce, the reaction was amazing! People across every industry were so excited to learn about Einstein and what it can do for them. With Einstein, artificial intelligence is baked right into Salesforce, so business owners don’t have to think about it — it just works. This is a game-changer. It’s going to help every person be more productive and smarter.

Artificial intelligence is becoming bigger and bigger and it’s infiltrating into so many different parts of the economy, from driverless cars to handling your calendar and scheduling your appointments. The sales process is no different and although AI has always been sort of a “mystifying tech thing” it’s now accessible to everyone. You can personalize campaigns, stay on top of who’s visiting your site and when, as well as how your email campaigns are working and you can do it all on one platform. In addition, you can modify and add to your campaigns in real time at any point. When you see consumers reacting to your campaigns Einstein will immediately set things in motion to help bring them closer to the sale.

Our clients are our biggest inspirations to keep innovating because of the results we that they achieve. Casper for example started using Salesforce as they built their business and they have completely changed the way people buy mattresses with their unbelievable customer satisfaction guarantee. Another example is our clients Yeti Cooler, which was founded by two brothers from Austin who were tired of storing their fish in coolers that didn’t stay cool and were constantly opened up by bears! Now they’re an industry leader with the best coolers that will keep your fish cool — and they even come certified bear resistant!

While each of these clients are in completely different industries the Salesforce platform has enabled each of them to find their specific targets and turn the right prospects into customers. Whatever your needs are, at Salesforce we’re here to help you build one platform that will help you eliminate wasted time and stress and help you take your business to the highest level.

jamieJamie Domenici is the vice president of product and small-andmedium business marketing at Salesforce, the world’s No. 1 CRM software company. In this role, she is responsible for driving product marketing and go-to-market strategy for Salesforce’s small- and medium-sized business organization. Jamie has worked at Salesforce for five years as a senior leader in product and campaign marketing and previously led operations at Ingres Corp., an open-source database company, and OSIsoft, Inc., a real-time performance management software manufacturer. Passionate about marketing efforts grounded in data and analytics, Jamie began her career working at a small business, where she managed its technology and CRM implementations. She currently lives in San Francisco.