Beyond The Tank: Trust Is The Key To Striking It Rich

Beyond The Tank: Trust Is The Key To Striking It Rich
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In an effort to build brand awareness in today’s day and age, many small businesses use social media as an effective tool for building brand loyalty amongst consumers. With that said, Robert Herjavec’s observation of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket’s lack of social media presence with me on Beyond The Tank meant I had a lot of work to do. Goldrushnuggetbucket in articleSince trends in consumer buying habits are leaning more towards online shopping, I’m now keenly aware of the importance of building relationships with past and potential customers online.

However, in order to effectively market a business online, it’s essential to understand what’s being marketed and how well it’s received. Perception is reality, and each and everyone one of us have our own personal brand that others see, even if we perceive ourselves different. The exact same thing can be said for business. I’ve been a business owner for more than 16 years now and understand one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur must have in building a brand is trust. It’s essential to stay consistent in your vision, values and intuition to gain the trust of others. In that, I knew I needed to stay true to my vision for the business based on why it came into being in the first place.

I invented the product as a means of spending more time with my two daughters in the outdoors, who are also my strongest motivators for success. My brother also works for me and has been with the company since day one. For that reason, if I can’t be a father, husband or brother first, I can’t be successful in business. As Gold Rush Nugget Bucket has found more success with being on Shark Tank and now Beyond The Tank, balancing my responsibilities between my family and my other business, Western Mortgage Brokers, presented difficulties. Due to my priorities, I knew I needed support online to move the business forward.

Based on that, I wanted to hire a digital marketing manager. Though there is a lot of risk and difficulty in any hiring decision, especially in a small business, I wanted to hire someone who I could share my vision for the company with. Similarly to how Sabin Lomac from Cousins Maine Lobster looks at hiring, I wanted more than just expertise: I wanted contagious passion. I’m a big thinker, and needed someone who was as well. I approached a former vendor of mine, David Hyslop, to support me with digital marketing and branding, whose was genuinely invested in seeing the company grow.

Delivering a "Pot of Gold" to a child battling cancer.Show your suppourt by going to his FaceBook page

Delivering a “Pot of Gold” to a child battling cancer.Show your support by going to his FaceBook page

Since his hiring, we developed a new website, online sales plan and social media content strategy in an effort to create a marketing funnel that appeals to the entire family. Due to that, in addition to the fantastic support of Deluxe Corp with helping rebrand the business, we now have our desert camouflage kit in 60 Sportsman’s Warehouse locations. A deluxe version of all three colored kits is also a part of the Amazon Exclusives program. Not to mention, we now have 7,829…make that 7,929 followers on Instagram. Not a bad improvement from the 300 we had!

One of the most fantastic opportunities since his hiring has also been working with the Gold Rush Cure Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides gifts to children battling cancer. As the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket came into being to provide an enjoyable experience with my own family, we’re also able to provide pails from our kits to be part of a gift-giving program to children and their families going through difficult times. The mission of both companies really makes the product’s purpose come full circle, making this dad and businessman very proud.

Though it’s impossible to predict what the future may hold, trusting in your vision and brand can be a guiding light for allowing success to eventually find you.

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