Leveraging Social Media Giveaways to Increase Brand Awareness

Leveraging Social Media Giveaways to Increase Brand Awareness
September 07 18:35 2017 Print This Article

Sports fans everywhere are talking about the NIMA lifestyle speaker. CEO and founder Nima Saati took some time recently to speak with me about the story behind the brand and how their social media and marketing strategies are paying off in a big way.

Jay: I know football season is just around the corner and it’s a staple of your brand, so thank you for taking a few minutes to speak with me. I happen to be a tremendous sports fan so I’m very curious about the backstory to your brand. What inspired you branch out from traditional audio production into the world of sports?

Nima: My background is in the audio video space. I launched a company in 2004 that manufactures speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Since that time the home speaker space has started to phase in portability and with bluetooth technology everybody is syncing their smartphones wherever they go so it’s a hot market. I’m from Boston, I played high school football, and obviously being a Patriots fan, I saw a space in the portable speaker industry. I realized that we already know the science of audio because we already manufacture awesome speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. The lightbulb went off and I said, let’s do something really disruptive since it was a lane that no one else had tapped. So, we shaped our first football helmet and sent it to the Dallas Cowboys, and they loved it. The first one we made was crammed with the greatest possible technology, packed with power and base and the best speakers you could imagine. Since then we’ve ratioed down into four different sizes and price points while still maintaining the highest possible sound quality. Our helmet speakers are currently licensed for 60 NCAA teams and 32 NFL teams and we’re excited to be expanding our portable speakers into the baseball, basketball and soccer markets this year.
Jay: That’s a big step to go from producing something you know is going to sell — something safe — and stepping into an entirely new market with a new product. You mentioned that what sort of sparked you to do this was the sort of lack of creativity and making it fun. I’d love to hear more about what inspired you to take the risk and disrupt the portable speaker market the way you did.

Nima: Our goal is to increase the gameday experience and to enhance fan base loyalty. As the various sports leagues become more accessible to fans through new communication streams and social media the world of sports continues to increase exponentially. There are more female sports fans than ever before and things like fantasy sports and social media are feeding into the increased popularity. If you look at the other bluetooth speaker companies that are out there, they’re always trying to attach themselves to an athlete spokesperson but it’s still the same square looking speaker or tube looking speaker so there’s really no emotional connection to the players or the game. We wanted our product to have a different emotional connection. For example, Tom Brady’s been carrying a helmet all of his life so to attach that sentiment to the technology is what appeals to sports fans. Our ultimate goal is to be as organic and authentic as possible to connect with fans more than ever before.

Jay: Obviously you’ve struck the right note with your product to receive so many licenses with pro sports leagues, which I know is no easy feat. How did you approach that part of the process?

Nima: You’re right Jay, it’s a tedious process to receive those license deals. You have to have something different and disruptive and you also have to have sell proofs. We started with colleges and proved ourselves there. We got into one of the largest retailers in the country and we had sell through data that proved to the NFL, “hey, we’re not just another t-shirt hawker.” Based on what we had done, our background, the price points, the future NIMA, and the fact that no one else has touched this concept is what sold it to the NFL. It’s kind of a perfect marriage, for them and for us.

Jay: You mentioned earlier your commitment to organic and authentic marketing. What does that look like for you guys — especially on social media, which I know is a platform that you utilize very effectively?

Nima: We recently gifted about 200 helmets to NFL players and now they’re getting them, and they’re loving them and that emotional connection to the product sparks an authentic and organic conversation about the brand with each of their social media audiences. We’re constantly having giveaways and we always want to support not only the fans but people, and those giveaways also generate organic interest in the product and also excellent product reviews. The more we get it out there the more people talk about it. There are strategies we utilize to get it to the random fans, to the reviewers and to the influencers. We’ve tested a lot of marketing strategies for online and offline and we utilize AB testing and geo targeting to help us get the message out. There’s a reason we’re selling so many large helmets at a $400 price point. It shows you how many people are really doing their research and saying, “hey you know what, I’m going to take a risk on this based on the reviews.” Ultimately it’s those organic conversations and reviews that help us sell products.

Jay: That is unbelievable. I’m sure fans are able to justify that higher price point because of the love that they have for the game, so being able to leverage that is a great. So what’s next for you guys? Where do you see NIMA going in the next few years?

Nima: You know, Jay, we’re extending love and joy to the consumer. The bottom line is just the connectivity and the attachment between the consumer their sport and being able to extend the passion behind the sport. I believe with the 8 billion people around the world and with events like the FIFA World Cup coming up next year more people will will realize this is a lifestyle. If you’re a true fan and you have your mug and you have your t-shirt, and you have your backpack, this is the missing part of you. Music adds production to people’s lives and it’s become so big with the whole social media factor and now adding sports to it, it’s just the perfect synergy.

Nima Saati is the Founder and CEO of Nima USA, a disruptive technology company producing sports-themed portable audio solutions. An accomplished entrepreneur and passionate sports fan, Saati has been a prominent name in the A/V space for over 12 years. Seeing an opportunity to reach other sports enthusiasts and the tailgating community, Saati founded NIMA USA in 2016.

Prior to founding NIMA, Saati was a founding member of Bassforms, a designer and producer of custom audio systems for automobiles. After launching at CES in 2004, Bassforms began to ship all over the world, designing speakers for Tesla, Toyota, Dodge, Lamborghini and many more. The product has been featured in music videos by some of the biggest names in music – John Legend, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Jamie Foxx to name a few. When he is not thinking of new ways to evolve the audio industry, Saati enjoys running, reading, traveling, and taking in a sporting event. Born and raised in Boston, Saati attended Northeastern University where he graduated in 2002.