Better Matters and It’s About Better Relationships

Better Matters and It’s About Better Relationships
April 18 13:10 2016 Print This Article

Sales are an integral component of any successful enterprise. Yet while Verizon remains a leader in the technology space generating $Billions in sales, they’re approach is not centered around dollars and cents. Michael Caralis who is the Director of National B2B Sales Operations for Verizon Wireless explains how strong relationships with their clients has lead to their continuous success: 


  •  Make it Your Business To Personally Meet Your Clients

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are two things we at Verizon are extremely passionate about, and it’s the DNA of our company. We’ve always had a ‘customer first’ approach which is why Verizon remains a leader in the tech savvy world we live. My role as  Director of National B2B Sales Operations for Verizon Wireless is more about building relationships than anything else. From our experience, no matter what industry or level you work in, the way to build and grow your business has to be with a relationship mentality. It’s not about dollars and cents, what it comes down to is constantly providing value to your clients. That mentality extends our services far beyond the sale. I make it my business to know everything I possibly can to help my clients. I’ll make sure to meet with them in person, take a tour of their facilities, talk to their employees and make recommendations that will help improve their operations.

  • Sales Are Just the Nuts & Bolts

Because our approach is centered around providing quality results for our clients, it empowers our employees with the ability to maneuver well within our company. When your focus is on building relationships and not just on dollars and cents, you’re well prepared to fit into many different roles. Many professionals looking for a promising career are sometime hesitant to work within a larger company. The ability to grow as a company in conjunction with the ability to grow your personal career is something we feel very strongly about at Verizon. In fact, we encourage all of our employees to look around the company, and constantly look to find areas in the company that fit their skill set and interests. I would challenge any company that can offer as diverse of opportunities to our employees as Verizon does. In fact, one of the main reasons I came to Verizon was because the vision and culture embodied exactly my personal career goals. I have the ability every day to constantly help the company grow and at the same time find satisfaction in my personal accomplishments in the company.


  • Better Really Does Matter

Competition has never been stronger than it is today. While the internet makes it possible to reach new heights that were never possible before, it brings new challenges of constantly keeping up. We work year round to bring businesses the ability to keep their networks running at full speed so they can spend 100% of their time and energy growing their business. I’ve gotten calls from clients that I’ve met years later who say “wow you really improved my business”, for me seeing how clients continue years later to benefit from the service and network that we’ve help them build, that’s what keeps me going! When you’re true to what you stand for, your customers see and appreciate on their own that better really matters. Your position is not just selling, you’re a providing your clients with the best advantage they can have for their business.

  • The Future is Both Daunting and Bright

Being a leader in the technology driven generation is no easy task. The advancement of technology today has enabled consumers to get better service plans than ever before, both nationally and even globally. The price of devices has dropped and businesses can now run at a much lower cost. As a provider, that means we at Verizon are constantly developing the best products and services to keep you up to speed, which has at the same time brought us new opportunities. The amount of information available is astounding. Everything from triggering street lights to turn green in order to allow emergency vehicles to get through traffic, to monitoring the patients stay in the hospital through live streaming. The food industry can now implement technology to monitor your food from the farm to the restaurant. Verizon is at the helm of every development assuring you peace of mind that you’ll always have the most advanced technology so your business will continue to thrive.

Michael Caralis- The PointMichael Caralis has more than 10 years of leadership experience in sales, service, operations and leadership. Caralis is a strategic hands-on technology executive with deep expertise in monetizing technology and leveraging scale. A ‎respected and influential business leader, he builds and executes go-to-market strategies that deliver profitable growth by leveraging product solutions, distribution strategy, and partnerships. He is a strong fiscal manager, using disciplined budgeting and capitol allocation, pricing, and margin control to optimize results.