Dell, A Technology Empire

by admin | April 4, 2017 6:00 am

Passion and Innovation are The Driving Force The Principles Behind Dell [1]A Technology Empire
My career with Dell [1]over the last 17 years has given me an exclusive opportunity to witness just how fast technology has been changing, expanding and dominating our world.
Truthfully, it extends a lot farther than innovation. The component that has allowed Dell to continue to lead in the everchanging technology landscape is its “customer first” mentality. When I graduated in 1998 with a BA in Psychology, working for a technology company was not even on my radar screen. Looking back though, the skills I learned in psychology and working in retail were integral to my success with Dell. My positions have always been in sales or marketing and from my experience trust is the most important factor that our customers look for. Earning trust from your customers requires building a relationship that is built on your sincere desire to do what’s best for them. The knowledge I attained while studying psychology enabled me to better understand our customers. This allowed me to achieve superior results by creating real relationships.

When I first joined the company, I was just a kid of 23 coming right out of undergrad looking to find work. Luckily for me, Dell was growing at a healthy pace and they were hiring temps for their sales department, which fit right into my flexible schedule. Because of my background in psychology and retail, my focus was always to understand the needs and wants of the customer. Slowly but surely the relationships I created were turning into a steady stream of new and returning sales. Integrating Dell’s philosophy of putting our customers first into my sales strategy was the foundation of my success.

What’s unique about Dell is the constant thirst for innovation, which is all sparked by Michael Dell himself. As times change, the focus remains the same; namely, to give customers the tools that will help them stay more productive. The transformation of tech has many stages and layers. Our commitment to our customers is to assure them that without a doubt, as technology advances, as products become thinner and thinner and the push towards mobile becomes more dominant —that we’ll be there to make sure they stay at the head of the pack. This could be through a new 2in1 laptop, innovation in workstations, an entry level enterprise solution or anything else.

Our greatest challenge and our greatest satisfaction is understanding that our success rides on the experiences of millions of our customers. It’s our responsibility to make sure we provide exceptional value and a worry-free experience for all of our customers and it all starts with the relationship. We’ve found that making ourselves accessible to our customers at all times is one of the most reassuring values that they appreciate and have come to rely on. I’ve spoken to so many business owners, particularly small businesses, who feel completely left behind. When you’re building your small business, the tech component is intimidating and in most cases, you don’t have time to start worrying about cloud infrastructure, cloud migration, security protection and everything else a healthy business needs to run at full speed. Whether you are a one-person operation or a staff of a hundred employees, the agents at Dell are ready. There are many other companies that will not give you a designated support agent unless you have a certain amount of employees. With Dell, we appreciate each client whether you’re a large corporation or a new start up. My mission is to make sure every customer has direct access to IT professionals that can help you at every step of the way.

Our mantra of putting customers first isn’t just a lofty philosophy. We’ve gone to great lengths to put our thoughts into action which means training all our recruits and sales reps with everything they need to know about Dell. Every member of the team is an ambassador to our brand and we make sure to give them the knowledge they need to provide the best customers experience as well as giving them the opportunity to rise within the company.

What continues to impress me about Michael Dell and his leadership team is that they are completely dedicated to innovating the PC and are laser focused to become a leading solution based company. This includes everything from cloud based storage to complete cloud migration. Technology is changing at a rapid pace and innovation is the key to any company’s long term growth. Our vision at Dell is to remain at the helm of technology solutions for growing businesses. Ever since Michael took the company private, he’s spoken about broadening the company to become a complete end to end infrastructure company for our customers. Everything from the PC to networking to cloud computing and more, Dell is a robust resource that can help a business of any size maximize their efficiency.

One of the most important aspects of our development as a company is Dell Security Solutions. There’s no question that businesses today are more vulnerable today than in years back. With the value of the cloud comes an added level of risk and it’s our passion to create a real sense of security for all of our customers. You don’t need to look far to see that even the most sophisticated systems are being hacked. From the election to Target Stores and much more, there can never be a sense of complacency. The need to set in place the right technology that will steer you away from a breach as well as a company competent to fix any problems that you incur. For small businesses, the effects of just a slight breach can be catastrophic. The expression, “it’s more expensive to be cheap” is especially true when it comes to data security. Small businesses don’t have the time to scan through various options at a cheaper price nor do they have the option to use a cheaper service that’s not completely reliable. At Dell we understand the severity of what a breach would do to a growing company and we have focused our attention into creating the best possible security solution for business.

Our focus is both to create solutions for all the current needs of our customers and at the same time carefully plan for the future. Reliability and trust are the key components that have built Dell into a leader in technology and they are what will allow us to continue to bring value to businesses across the world. Caring about our customers is at our core, no matter how big or how small. That’s the true value of Dell.

Erik_Day_color_1Erik is the Vice President & GM, North America Small Business at Dell Technologies. He is a creative, energetic and dedicated sales & marketing leader with strong strategic, communication and partnership skills; extensive experience in the following competencies: • International, multi-channel, multi-billion dollar sales/marketing experience in Consumer/Small Business IT •  Skilled/recognized people manager of teams 10+ (senior marketing leaders) and 200+ (sales) • Champion level results (95% Favorable) in Company Wide Survey (Tell Dell) throughout career

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