Dell’s CES 2018 Announcements Great News for Small Businesses

Dell’s CES 2018 Announcements Great News for Small Businesses
February 14 13:34 2018 Print This Article

In a new 12-part series on The Small Business Journal, the experts at Dell share their insights on what small businesses need to thrive in the digital age. In this first installation of what is an exciting series, I speak with Phil Bryant, Dell’s Global Consumer and Small Business President. Phil draws from his decades of experience to reflect on Dell’s CES 2018 announcements and how these innovations will impact small businesses.

 Dell was founded by iconic entrepreneur, Michael Dell, over 30 years ago. Although they have long outgrown their small business status, Dell’s support for the small business community was apparent the moment I started meeting with them. Here are four things I learned when talking to Phil Bryant, Dell’s Global Consumer and Small Business President.

  1. Small businesses are paying attention to VR and AR.

Jay: At CES, virtual reality was clearly trending, not just for consumers and gamers but for small businesses. How do you see that impacting technology  in the small business community?

Phil: Most people think of virtual reality as the gaming part or the consumer side, but they miss the commercial adoption and what’s going on there and how VR is prime for adoption.

In a pretty short period of time, the market went up 2.5 times. It’s only going to continue growing. We’re the only solution provider right now that really has end-to-end solutions whether you’re doing VR creation or whether you’re consuming it on the back end or serving up content on the cloud, we’re the only company out there that’s positioned a portfolio to cover creation all the way to consumption.

We’re committed to VR and making the investment to realize its potential for business owners. A lot of businesses are trying to figure out where to go on this. We’ve developed VR centers of excellence around the globe to help our small businesses and our commercial customers adopt VR. Customers can come into one of our locations and see how VR can aid their workflows or how they can use it in their unique environments and discover industry best practices.

  1. Mobility is the name of the game for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Jay: Much of the tech we saw at CES focused on mobility. Whether you’re a freelancer, or a small business,  people are working remotely. How has that shifted Dell’s focus?

 Phil: It’s hard for people to understand how busy your average small business owner is. They’re constantly on the go. The workplace isn’t just an office, it’s wherever they happen to be. The workplace is changing and we wanted to dive deeper into how it’s changing so we could respond with the right technology.
To that end, we worked with Intel on an evolving workplace study and found that roughly 76% of employees think that in the past year technology has had a significant influence on the way they work. It affects not only how they work but also the kind of people they attract to their business and who they hire. In fact, 80% of young people say that the quality of the tech a business provides influences their decision of whether or not to work for that company.

We learned that 69% of the millennials are willing to use AR or VR products in their professional life and since by 2025, 75% of the workplace will be millennials, the adoption rate for AR/VR in working remotely could be higher.

When you’re an entrepreneur you’re working around the clock and you’re trying to work with customers, you’re meeting with partners, you’re trying to grow your business, you’re trying to meet goals, you’re trying to get results and the technology has got to help you do that.

Technology has to be an aid and it has to make your life easier. We focused on making technology that is mobile with you including thinner, lighter laptops, like the Latitude 7000 series, that give you more options on how to consume or create information.

We actually won two awards for SMB laptops at CES:

  • Latitude 7000 series Laptops, ’10 Hot Products for SMBs at CES 2018’ inclusion – CRN
  • XPS 13 (9370), ‘CES 2018: The Best of the Best’ – CRN


At CES, we launched a Latitude 7390 2-in-1 which we’re pretty proud to say is the world’s most secure convertible. A 2-in-1 is very flexible and it’s actually what I carry just because it allows you to transition between multiple work environments. Whether you need a laptop, a slate, or tent mode so you can do pitches when you’re on the road presenting to clients, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. Small Businesses are leading the way in doing good for the planet.

Jay: At CES Dell announced a partnership with actress and activist Nikki Reed’s jewelry company Bayou. What does a small jewelry company have to do with Dell, and what are some of the things you’ll be able to do with that partnership?

Phil: It turns out that five of our 84 rewards at CES had to do with sustainability, we’re proud of that. For over ten years we’ve been working on using some sort of sustainable material either in our product or in our packaging.

Nikki’s company, Bayou, is recovering gold from recycled technology and turning that into jewelry. Bayou runs their company entirely on Dell devices and technology. This is in the very true sense of the word, a small business, that is running, growing, and thriving using Dell’s technology. This is one of the cases where our small business experts and our specialists have been able to get in on the startup phase and work with Nikki to help her understand how our technology can help with her business. We believe, like she does, in doing our part to give back and have as little impact on the environment as we can while we deliver these great products.

We support small businesses in the community and we like to explore these kinds of collaborations. This project is a great fit as far as small business and entrepreneurship goes, which is really Dell’s lifeblood — we were founded as a small business ourselves back in the day. Small businesses are an important part of the economy and we’re the only company that provides a small business expert that gets in there with companies at the very start up stage to provide them expertise on their technology.

  1. Dell recognizes that small business owners and employees have unique needs when it comes to their computers.

Jay: At CES, brands show their newest tech innovation. Congratulations on Dell’s 84 CES awards this year.  Dell had a myriad of product announcements. Which announcement are you most excited about for small businesses specifically?

Phil: A few of our new products will really make life easier for small businesses. If you’re a small business, as you’re looking to grow and thinking about being mobile and you want a network secure product, there’s nothing quite like Dell’s Latitude line.

The Latitude 7390 2-in-1, that we spoke about before, is the world’s most secure convertible. This is really a perfect laptop to run your business on especially when you’ve got to be on-the-go.

We won an award for our advanced 4K laser projector, which is absolutely top-of-the-line if you’re bringing clients to your business and want to really show off the professionalism of your startup.

We announced a 27 and 24-inch Ultrathin monitor that are great for small business. Research shows that when you and your employees sit down and can operate on one or more screens, productivity truly improves. This is so important for small businesses. These monitors are especially cool because they are at a great price point which is ideal for our small business customers who are on a tight budget.

Jay: I’ve had the privilege of speaking with a handful of different Dell executives for this series. One theme I’ve picked up on in each conversation is Dell’s commitment to customer centric solutions. How does that concept apply to the small business group?

 Phil: Jay, that’s what we thrive on here in Dell Small Business. One of the things that we do better than any other company out there is that we want to be with you at every phase, even when you first start up.

Dell Small Business advisor, Michael (left) and Tiffany Chen, founder of Tiff’s Treats, warm cookie delivery.

We’ve found over the years that new business owners make technology decisions early on that can, quite literally, haunt them for year. If you don’t get the right kind of help you can make a decision that locks you in or turns out to be pretty painful. Or worse, you hit a growth spurt but your technology isn’t ready to scale with you. Or even worse, you’re at business critical moment, pitching to a new account that could just make your company, and your technology goes down. We don’t want that to happen but that’s the reality when 66% of businesses are taking a “do-it-yourself” approach to IT.

By using Dell’s teams of Small Business tech advisors, you can alleviate some of that pain. If you’re just starting your business in a garage: call us. We don’t care how big you are — call us — we’ll help you get started the right way.

Call 1-877-BUY-DELL to get a Dell Small Business tech advisor for your business or visit Dell Small Business online to learn more.

As President & General Manager, Global Consumer & Small Business, Phil is responsible for Dell’s direct & indirect business.Under Phil’s leadership, has grown to the largest online retailer for PCs worldwide and Dell retail store fronts have expanded to more than 30,000. Phil’s expertise and track record over his 18 years at Dell include: Consumer, Small Business and public sector leadership roles in the Americas, APJ and EMEA. Before Dell, Phil worked with Bell South for 14 years in IT, finance and marketing roles. Phil graduated from University of Alabama, Birmingham with a degree in Computer Science and received an MBA from Kennesaw University in Atlanta.