Empowering Brands to Maximize Their Marketing Campaigns

Empowering Brands to Maximize Their Marketing Campaigns
December 07 06:00 2016 Print This Article

Marketing is a key ingredient to any company’s success. At the same time, finding strategies that work can be extremely costly with lots of wasted dollars. I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Chock the VP of NA Sales at Media iQ Digital as well as Rachelle Daglis the VP of Marketing for Media iQ Digital to discuss how Media IQ has given clients the data they need to make the decisions that bring the most impact on their advertising campaigns. Here’s how it works:

Jay: Media iQ has become known as a platform that brands can utilize to give them access to their paid media performance. What are some of the key elements that you use to help them take the best advertising strategy?

Michael: Social media has paved the way for brands to articulate their message to millions of people. The struggle is to identify where your message will have the most impact. Our goal at Media iQ is to empower brands with the data they need to maximize their marketing efforts. Every action people take on the internet creates a certain digital signal and the technology at Media iQ was designed to capture all of those signals. Understanding the way people interact with social media is extremely powerful and having that knowledge allows us to engage consumers at the times and scenarios that they respond to most. If there’s a sudden drop in stock prices, our analytics will direct us to run an ad for TD Ameritrade which will engage experienced investors who would not typically click on that style ad. When markets change even the most savvy investors look for resources and advice. Media iQ incorporates the most sophisticated data results to locate the right time and place for our clients.
Jay: The ability to track the data on user activity is incredibly valuable. Is that data specific to online activity?

Michael: That’s a great point Jay and with Media iQ we’ve been able to track and integrate much more than just the online movement. For example; we’re able to help the local grocer and pizza shop understand their customers so they know how far apart to put their second location. This way they can maximize each location properly. Another example is a campaign we’re running for Puffs tissues. We’re able to use data to look at areas with the highest index of the cold and flu. The amazing aspect is that in the world we live in today data is prolific, so it’s really all there. Our expertise is to be able to ingest all of these data sources and to stitch them all together in a way that empowers our clients to make smart decisions that will bring them the best results.

Jay: Staying up to date on all the latest trends is not an easy task and must be extremely costly. Does that require you to take on big investors?

Michael: That is the challenge that so many tech companies struggle with and it’s the reason why so many fail. Media iQ is one of the unique companies that is completely self-funded and is already very profitable. The company began in the UK in 2010 and came to the US in 2014. Last year we were at $5M and this year we’re on pace to close at an amazing $100M. It’s a story we love to tell because it’s a real testament to the quality of work we produce.

Jay: Wow! Those are really impressive numbers. What’s been the key to the company’s success so far?

Michael: It begins and ends with results. The more value you bring to your clients the more revenue you’ll have. We have a 96%-98% retention rate with our clients and that’s because once they work with us-and see the results, they don’t stop. Things like Pokémon Go can come out of nowhere and change everything completely and so we’re committed to staying on top of the game in a way that keeps our clients best situated for every step of the way. Our biggest office is in Bangalore with more than 200 employees constantly doing updates and surveying the constantly changing landscape of the digital world.

Jay: Rachelle – as the vice president of marketing for Media iQ, what aspect of the company have you found to resonate with new clients?

Rachelle: I think our biggest advantage is that we’re not just offering our clients a better conversion rate on their advertising campaigns. We work to help our clients understand who their customers are, how they behave, what they respond to and when. That way the playing field is laid out to them in a clear and understandable concept so that they have the knowledge they need to make the smartest decisions moving forward.

Jay: Is there a recent project that you worked on that you can share with me to illustrate what type of hard core data you were able to provide?

Michael: Absolutely and this recent study shows how laser sharp the data needs to be. We worked with the department of homeland security to bring awareness to their “See something say something” campaign. Together with Stats.com our analytics showed that anywhere from 3-10 seconds after a big play in a game happens like a touchdown, homerun, big strike out etc., users are most likely to pick up their phones and go onto social media. The direction we needed to take was obvious once we knew when our audience would be most in tuned to social media. Because of that, we were able to successfully raise awareness by placing our ads at these exact moments when users would be tuned into social media. No matter what industry you’re working in, understanding your audience is the most powerful way to achieve the highest results.

michael-chock rachelle-daglisMichael and Rachel work at Media iQ, which is all about one simple idea; accessing more data in less time that can be put to good use. Media iQ is a leading global analytics company that helps  unlock insights to help drive business growth and solve business issues. Clients leverage Media iQ’s capabilities through two methods – media and enterprise solutions. With media solutions, Media iQ converts insights into better targeted, programmatic media campaigns. Through its enterprise solutions, Media iQ empowers markets and CMOs with insights through analytical software and services. Unlike most startups that seek angel investors and outside funding, Media iQ has grown strictly through private funding. In the past two years, Media iQ has increased its revenue from $5 million to $100 million, and strategically opened six new offices, with three more in the works. Media iQ works with brands such as Sony, Heineken and Avis, as well as media companies such as Dentsu, IPG and Omnicom Group.