Growing Flexible Office Space Around the Globe

Growing Flexible Office Space Around the Globe
August 23 12:47 2017 Print This Article

Sean Deaton is the Vice President of Sales at Regus, a blossoming company that prides itself as the global leader in flexible workspace solutions. With 3,000 locations worldwide across 120 countries, Regus allows businesses to grow without the large expense of a full-time office while keeping quality a top priority. The main areas Regus provide flexible resolution include: Where do you want to work? How long do you need it for? What type of workspace do you want? And what size workspace do you need?  Unfamiliar with Regus? Take a listen as we caught up with Sean where he explains to us how Regus is changing the game. 

Brianna: Tell us more about your company, what you do and who you work with.

Sean: First, Brianna I want to thank the Small Business Journal for being not only a great partner but a valued customer that has clearly flourished leveraging the Regus model. As mentioned, Regus is the global leader in flexible workplace solutions. We’re in 3,000 locations globally. Our goal is to make it easy for people and companies to do the best work of their lives.  We partner with companies that are looking for a great work environment regardless of how they work:  from home based workers, to mobile professionals, to companies that are looking for space to call their own for teams of 1 to 100 people.
Brianna: Every sales strategy starts by analyzing the pain points of your consumers. What has stood out to be one of the biggest pain points of those looking for office space?

Sean:Our customers have come to us and expressed the trials and tribulations in their searches for real estate using traditional methods.  They are seeking great locations, great designs, collaborative work environments, and most importantly want to enable their workforce whether they’re working from home, on-the-go, or all in the same place at the same time. Regus is the provider that has grown to 3,000 locations throughout the globe to enable solutions for large and small organizations alike.  We do this quickly while surpassing their expectations managing the entire process.

Brianna: Your customers come to you with that need, which you provide the solution for. Give us an idea of how you got to that point where you’re able to solve that need for the customers?

Sean:Customers come to us realizing that time is money. They may have the latest software, most innovative product, or just finalized a critical merger or acquisition; therefore, speed to market is key either across North America or abroad.  However, speed to market is hindered by the process involved in doing a traditional real estate deal that can take months or even years to complete given the rigid process of site selection (in international markets this becomes very tricky), negotiating financial and legal terms.  (which are lengthy negotiations that can be very costly and drag on for months).  Not to mention the time designing the space and completing construction. After all that is complete, companies have to negotiate contracts with local vendors to furnish services and supplies so that the office and teams can operate on a day-to-day basis.

The question that we are asked time and again is “Can Regus help us enter new markets quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively?” In short, the answer is “yes”.  Regus literally can find great space today and you can have a team from 1 to 100 up and running in any of 3,000 locations across the globe tomorrow.   We call this “Workspace As A Service”.

Brianna: This has to be incredibly popular with millennials right now, especially with start-ups. How does Regus, in a space that is filling up, stay ahead of the trends?

Sean:The key in real estate remains:  location, location, location.  Followed closely by the look, feel and the design of the workspace. We understand that millennials want to work in different types of environments than previous workforces. They want open space, great designs, and collaborative areas with team-working environments. As Regus continues to evolve the look and feel of our centers, these trends are the focal point of our designs.

Brianna: Provide some examples of some of the industries and companies that this has really worked exceptionally well for.

Sean:I’ll use Google as an example. If we can wind back the hands of time to when Google was in its infancy and looking to grow quickly domestically and internationally they partnered with Regus.  Why?  Because Google throughout its evolution (some may call it a revolution) has always prided itself on speed to market, hiring and retaining the best and the brightest, and continual innovation.  To accomplish these goals they have leveraged the Regus “Workspace As A Service” program to enable the success they enjoy today.

Brianna: What is some of the best customer feedback that you’ve gotten from a monetary perspective and also from a flexibility perspective?

Sean:Regus offers the most flexible and scalable workplace model in the industry today. The crystal ball in business is not as clear today as it once was.  Recent studies have shown that 55% of office desks are empty at any time – opportunity models that we have conducted for our customers have proven they can save over 30% of their operating costs associated with running traditional offices by moving to Regus.  This translates to millions annually for large organizations.  These massive savings combined with the flexibility to upgrade, move offices, and even transfer their entire portfolio to new locations gives all companies the ability to mitigate risk and pay only for what they need when they need it.

Sean is the Vice President of sales at Regus. As a visionary leader, Sean’s goal is to deliver unmatched top line results via solution sales training, motivation, expectation setting, and accountability; therefore, ensuring both customer value/satisfaction and profitability that exceeds expectations. Seans’ specialties include: Consultative Selling Strategies / Strategic Sales Development / Operational Excellence