New Serves Up Small Business Owners with the Tools and Expertise They’ve Been Craving

New Serves Up Small Business Owners with the Tools and Expertise They’ve Been Craving
May 03 11:15 2017 Print This Article

Doug Llewellyn is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Purch, a New York City-based digital publishing and marketplace platform that helps more than 100 million users make better buying decisions. Purch is now relaunching, a platform that allows Purch to develop an ecosystem for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new provides entrepreneurial expertise, products and services, all of which are crucial for SMBs to navigate complex buying decisions and gain a competitive advantage.I had the opportunity to hear from Doug and learn what value is bringing to growing businesses. Here’s what he told me:

Jay: Why did Purch want to expand further into the small-to-medium business (SMB) space?

Doug: Purch is a next-gen digital publishing and marketplace platform with 25 brands across lifestyle, technology, shopping and small-to-medium business categories that help intent-based buyers make purchase decisions. Purch already had a robust community of 5.7 million SMB members and so it made sense to capitalize on what we do so well – serving large markets and topics which naturally bridge to product interest and purchase intent – in an expansion further into the small business category. The SMB community is the backbone of the American economy, but, up until now, we have failed to give them the resources they need to succeed. With, Purch has built a platform to serve those businesses throughout their lifecycle, from budding start-up to global expansion.
Jay: What does the new offer small businesses that it hadn’t been able to before?

Doug: already was a site with a large membership, but through a combination of acquisitions, partnerships, and integrations, the new is a revolutionary disruption of the small business model.

There is no other SMB site that has the scale and combination we do with connecting expert content with an active community while providing membership tools and services to grow and manage their business as a benefit of participation.

There are big news sites, big communities, and sites that offer tools, but nobody has brought this together to truly integrate content and commerce and then connect them to  customers in a powerful and vibrant marketplace. And we aren’t stopping there. In the coming months, we will announce an array of new features, functionality, and integrations on

Jay: What feedback is getting from small businesses about the tools they need and the expert advice they seek?

Doug: The combined team has been in the SMB space for a long time and understands how challenging it can be to run a successful small business. While small business owners are experts in their area, they are unlikely to be experts at all the things it takes to truly succeed: human resources, finance, operations, marketing, etc., nor do they have the time or resources to become one. That’s where steps in. When it comes time to figure out the best phone system, save money on credit card processing fees or take out a business loan, for example, streamlines the decision-making process with in-depth content, access to experts in these fields and the tools to make purchases. With nearly two decades of experience helping to facilitate billions in purchases, the feedback is clear that SMBs are raising their hands for a single, go-to resource to help them manage and grow their business – and that’s why we’re introducing the new

Jay: What industries are being served by and why did Purch decide to focus on those industries?

Doug: will focus initially on 15 key industries, including restaurants, construction/general contracting, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, advertising/marketing/public relations, financial services, real estate, travel/hospitality, transportation/logistics, insurance, media/entertainment/publishing, and agriculture. Purch decided to tackle the biggest industries where we could make an immediate impact based on our experience, the size of our membership within these industries, and the alignment across these industries with our existing partners. While these industries are the immediate focus, will expand across even more areas so we can address the needs of all small business owners.

Jay: How does the new platform enable each industry to get specific information and tools that pertain to that industry?

Doug: offers a first-of-its-kind combination of expert content, in-depth advice and Q&As, reviews and tools; an innovative SMB marketplace that connects small business owners with the right products and services specific to their business needs all the way down to what kind of business they operate.

For example, helps restaurant owners understand the nuances of running a successful business. A restaurant owner can expect to read a review about the best POS System, learn helpful information from industry experts about optimizing portion size and how to promote special menus for holidays, and compare prices on products and services critical to running a restaurant like credit card processing and time tracking systems.

Jay: What’s on the horizon for

Doug: Purch is continuing to work on this platform to serve small business. We’ll be announcing more partnerships that provide the tools, expertise and membership benefits that small business owners will find valuable in helping to evaluate their businesses, make improvements and grow their businesses, and find the tools and other necessities they need to strengthen their businesses. We also plan to conduct a series of surveys of small business owners, the results of which can help us identify how we can better serve and provide for them.

We have an aggressive road map for the rest of this year and beyond that will continue to build and amplify the value SMBs can get as members of our community. One way to do that is to join – membership is free – and follow and Purch on Twitter at @businessdotcom and @purch. We plan to make our next announcements in the next few weeks, all better to serve small business owners in a way they haven’t been served before.

Jay: recently conducted a survey of small business owners. What does the survey reveal about the small business landscape?

Doug: We polled our membership and heard back from almost 1,000 members around the country across a variety of industries and the major takeaways from the survey are that many owners feel their business growth is hindered by regulation, taxes and political uncertainty. Small business owners said President Trump’s promises of deregulation would foster growth of their business and the majority said they felt optimistic about their business future due to the new administration. Details on the survey are available at

Doug Llewellyn headshotDoug Llewellyn, President and Chief Operating Officer of Purch a next-generation digital publishing and marketplace platform that is driving the future of publishing by connecting high-intent buyers and performance-driven marketers in consumer and small-to-medium business markets. Doug joined Purch in 2013 and, as President and COO, he is responsible for the company’s three core business units, strategic planning, corporate development activities, and Purch’s business metrics and operational framework. As such, he has overseen the relaunch of