Pricerazzi Travel: Your Personal Travel Agent Where the Lowest Price is Guaranteed

Pricerazzi Travel: Your Personal Travel Agent  Where the Lowest Price is Guaranteed
November 24 12:01 2016 Print This Article

The holiday spirit is in the air which mean millions of people are going gift shopping. If you’re like me you can relate to that feeling you have while you’re standing in line when the cashier shows you the bill. “Did I really spend that much? I wonder if I could have gotten this cheaper somewhere else?” That feeling instantly destroys the pleasure of your shopping experience.
That’s why I created Pricerazzi. Stores often guarantee the lowest price and they even promise to match it. However, finding the best price takes work and getting everything you need to claim your price match is an even bigger hassle. With Pricerazzi we do all the work, all you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt and our system will scan over 1000 stores for a better price on the exact item you bought. If there’s a better price, we’ll notify you immediately. In fact, in many cases you don’t even need to go back to the store to get your money back. Our system will put the money right back on your card!

When we first started the company a couple years ago, we were fearful about the reaction big retailers would have. For the most part, companies offer the price match guarantee as a marketing ploy but they’re relying on the fact that less than 5% of consumers even know a price match exists. Our entire focus was to educate consumers and allow them to take advantage of the price match offer that has been available to them all this time. Interestingly enough and much to our surprise, we’ve gotten an incredible reaction from stores like Best Buy, Target Walmart and others. While it’s true that these stores are now obligated to pay their customers back if a better price exists, it’s well worth their money. Competition is fierce and any added incentive that a store has to attract a customer to come into their doors they welcome graciously. In truth, many times when a customer gets their money back they use it towards another purchase in that same store  and so, in the end, it brings even more sales to those stores. Additionally, providing your customers with a lowest price guarantee entices them to do their entire shopping all in their stores. Why should they go elsewhere when they know they’re guaranteed to get their money back if a lower prices exists? It’s an absolute win-win both for the consumers and the retailers. The app is completely free and our users are saving an average of 15% of their purchase back

We’ve done a lot of work to perfect the system and we’re very excited to let our users know that we now work directly with Expedia to get you the absolute lowest rates on all of your airline tickets. Over the last six months I’ve been traveling all over to promote the Pricerazzi app and the prices on those tickets really began to add up. Sifting through all the major ticket sites is a big hassle and it just takes a tremendous amount of time. Taking a closer look, I realized that many major airlines also offer a price match guarantee. Because our system was already built and used for consumers in retail stores, I knew we could easily broaden our abilities to search through airline prices and guarantee consumers the best prices on their airline tickets. We worked out a deal with Expedia which will allow you to search through their entire system to find a better price.. Here’s the best part; if there’s a ticket available at a lower price they will refund you the difference plus they’ll give you $50.00 Travel Coupon

Pricerazzi has built automated technology to search for a traveller’s itinerary hundreds of times a day, regardless of the destination. This technology automatically finds lower prices from various online travel agencies and notifies the consumer when they can save money. When a booking drops in price within 24-hours, the consumer receives the difference back as a refund. Pricerazzi Travel acts as a helpful third party in this process. Consumers can either forward their flight itineraries to or register their email address. After signing up at, itineraries are automatically processed

As soon as you book your ticket, the airline gives you just 24 hours to find a better price. Rather than wasting your time, simply snap a picture of your ticket, you can register your email add with Pricerzzi or forward your itinerary to us and the Pricerazzi travel system will scan the skies to make sure you got the lowest price. With Pricerazzi travel you can fly with complete confidence knowing that you got the absolute lowest price.

declanAfter renovating his kitchen, Declan noticed his appliances had gone on sale. He followed up on the lifetime price protection on his purchase of $7,000, and was surprised to get $1,500 back –basically, free money. After some research Declan found that less than 5% of price drops are claimed and that Americans are giving away over $1 billion in unclaimed price drops every year. He started Pricerazzi to make the process of getting your money back simple. On average, clients get over $100 back a year. When Pricerazzi does not find a lower price, their clients have the satisfaction knowing they got the best price possible.