The Marketing Balancing Act in Todays Digital World

The Marketing Balancing Act in Todays Digital World
September 06 11:28 2016 Print This Article

Marketing is the engine that drives growth for every business. Yet the digital playing field has become more and more complex and creating a successful marketing campaign is an art that needs to be crafted and tailor made for each client. Michael Kahn is the CEO of Performics PR and they bring successful results to clients all over the world. Here’s the insight he shared with me:

Jay: You’ve been around the marketing scene for decades. What are some of the challenges you see happening today to brands trying to gain traction?

Michael: I think the biggest challenge is the ability to change your mindset and realize that we’ve moved away from paid media. Years ago agencies would plaster ads in front of as many eye balls as possible, and today that doesn’t work at all. Brands need to create motivating and engaging content and with the millennial generation which is much larger than the baby boomers this is especially the case. They are extremely savvy, they know everything about social media and as a marketer you have to recognize that the power point is creating meaningful content. The inability to not recognize change and to absolutely embrace it has never been more dangerous. What separates the successful marketing groups and the ones that disappear are the ones who constantly look to identify change and stay completely nimble so they can adapt to the trends that continue to surface.

Jay: That is certainly a challenging responsibility. What are some of the key elements that you’ve seen to work in today’s market?

Michael: I think the main key is to identify your audience. In today’s market you’ve got to be more micro than macro. You’ve got to have a targeted understanding of exactly what your product or service accomplishes and have an equally targeted approach as to how to best reach that niche consumer. One of the ways that we’ve found to be incredibly successful is through influencer marketing. Rather than pushing your product in front of an audience that you’re unsure exactly what they’re looking for, build a relationship with an influencer that fits with what you’re doing and they’ll be able to help deliver your message to the right audience.

Jay: I see exactly what you mean especially with the targeted content and the influencer marketing. But how can small businesses pave their way with limited budgets?

Michael: Great point Jay and it is certainly true that every dollar counts when you’re running a small business. At the same time social media gives businesses an opportunity we’ve never had before. It used to be that the companies with deeper pockets would conquer the smaller companies, but with social media today that is no longer the case. Today it’s the quicker and sharper companies that will outperform the slower ones. Social media gives you the opportunity to test the waters. You can identify trends, take notes on what consumers want and even more importantly design content which is tailor made to fit the interests of your followers. We’ve seen many companies come to market with a digital first strategy. If you’re smart about what you publish, make sure to pay close attention to what kind of feedback you get you’ll be able to build a powerful network that will help you significantly build your business.

Jay: Social media has certainly been a game changer especially in the way of marketing. What are the main points a company needs to keep in mind when they build their brand on social media?

Michael: I think the most important key is to create crystal clear goals. Understanding exactly what your company needs will give you the most effective ability to make the proper implementations. Secondly, never become too set in your marketing plan. Always make sure you’ve diversified your focus into multiple strategies that mixes paid media with social media etc. We are always reviewing our campaigns and evaluating what works and more importantly what doesn’t. The metrics that are available today will allow you get clear cut data on where your money creates the best impact. Finally, your messages have to be spectacularly clear. If your campaign isn’t resonating with your audience in a way that connects you as the solution to their problem, you’ll never succeed. Millennials especially look for authenticity. Make sure you understand what you need, find out exactly what works and tailor your campaign in a way that’s simple & authentic and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see spectacular results!

Michael KahnMichael is Chief Executive Officer, Performics – Worldwide, a global performance marketing agency inside Publicis and a named category leader by Forrester. Working with the agency’s global leadership team, Michael oversees strategic service and performance excellence for 1000+ employees across 30+ markets. With a passion to move clients’ businesses ahead, Michael motivates the organization to set the standard for strategic leadership, proactive service and sustained innovation, and embody a “performance never rests” mindset.  In an increasing complicated media world where participating with your customers across ever changing channels, platforms and screens is essential, a relentless focus on connectivity, measurement, optimization and integration is essential. We operate in a time when we can make every marketing dollar accountable and attributable, and Performics mission is to realize this opportunity for the clients it serves.