The Power of A Mission In Business

by admin | May 11, 2017 11:09 am

Sand Cloud is the ultimate spring break/summer celebration company offering Turkish Beach Towels[1] – predominantly online. They are a company created by millennials, for millennials, with a phenomenal purpose to improve marine life. They offer unique, hand-crafted designs that will get you noticed on the beach – but more importantly they’ve found a way to resonate with their target demographic by donating 10% of net profits to protect marine life. I had the opportunity to connect with Brandon at Sand Cloud and learn how their brand is sweeping across social media with the power of a mission. Here’s how it went:

Jay: After watching your episode on Shark Tank, I noticed how impressed the Sharks were with your sales. Just crushing it! What is the key element that you’ve incorporated into Sand Could that resonates so well with your customers?

Brandon: The journey with Sand Cloud has been amazing and what we’ve begun to see is the power of incorporating mission into business. We are laser-focused on saving marine life by doing what we can to contribute to organizations that can really make a difference, and millennials are completely locked in. When they hear about our brand, it’s not so much about the product as it is about the mission. Millennials are socially conscious and they support ideas that they believe in. We see so many companies that are trying to appeal to the millennial generation knocking themselves out trying to be up on the latest trends and let everyone know they are the coolest thing around. The problem is, once that trend dies or someone else “outcools” you, the game is over. For us, it’s all about our mission; that builds loyalty and generates more and more long-term customers.

Jay Amazing point! You and your team have done a tremendous job to recognize that and build your foundations around it. Was the value of a social cause something you guys understood right out of the gate or something that you realized over time?

Brandon: To be honest, Jay, we knew about it from day one, but didn’t realize how important it was until the end of our first year. We began to notice customers passing up on other companies who sold similar products but had no mission other than to be cool. When we noticed how customers were literally flocking to us because of our mission to give back to the environment, we doubled down our efforts and recently got involved in a project where we saved seals off the coast of San Diego, which you can see here[2]

We’ve since launched other apparel products and our customers love it! If we stay true to our mission, our followers will come along.

Jay: You’ve built an impressive fan base on social media who are in love with your products. How were you able to connect with them in such a way that has made them such loyal customers?

Brandon: Social media is an incredible tool for so many reasons. For us, it was a way to connect with our audience and listen. Rather than sell them on ideas we thought were cool, we let them tell us what they were looking for and then we delivered. Social media has allowed us to go straight to the consumer and find out exactly what they want before we even start manufacturing, totally eliminating the guess work. By putting ideas, designs, and styles up for our audience to vote on, all we need to do is look at the data and execute. We’ve had people send us pictures using the Sand Cloud towels as shower curtains as well as women in Germany using them in the winter as scarves! When the audience is keyed into your mission, they’ll find a way to use the product.

Jay: You guys made an incredible pitch and wowed the Sharks with the impressive amount of sales you’d achieved. What’s it like having Robert on your team and what dynamic is most valuable to you guys?

Brandon: What we have found so remarkable about Robert is how much he puts his trust in us. It’s up to us to run the business, which gives us responsibility as well as a tremendous amount of pride in our work. As Robert commented on the show, “I don’t fully understand your product, but I love what you’re doing!”. Robert has an incredible platform as well as the connections to magazines, shows, and PR channels. His expertise in business is such a valuable resource and it’s a privilege to be able to pick his brain on what we’ve accomplished and what we can work on moving forward. We’re extremely appreciative of the partnership we have with Robert and the advice he’s given us so far. We’re excited to continue to launch new products and continue to use our success to make positive contributions to our environment.


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