Turning Opportunity Into Millions of Dollars with Amazon

Turning Opportunity Into Millions of Dollars with Amazon
June 12 06:27 2017 Print This Article

Becoming an entrepreneur is about capitalizing on opportunity. After being in the tech world for over 20 years I had worked with many large and small tech companies. With the mobile space continuing to grow, my partner and I realized that we had an opportunity to create our own brand. Quality and reliability were the underlying components that we focused on to achieve our goal and with that in mind, we set out to create Tech Armor. Our motto “You Play, We Protect” sets our standard to our consumers to assure them that they can enjoy what they’re doing without worrying about their phone breaking at any time.
In the early stages, we did everything on our own. From preparing orders for shipping each day and carrying them to the post office ourselves. Like many start-ups, it wasn’t the best way to maximize our time but with limited resources it was the best way to make sure our customers received their orders quickly. After orders began to pick up significantly, we knew we had to find a solution that could help us continue to grow and that’s when we connected with Amazon’s FBA program. The shift was seamless and they took all the heavy lifting off our shoulders. All we needed to do was focus our time and energy to continue to innovate and grow our business. With logistics, returns and customer service being handled by Amazon’s team, the sky has truly been our only limit. Since joining the FBA program we’ve expanded into 9 different countries, recently launching in Mexico, Japan, Germany, France Italy, Spain, the UK and Canada. Since starting in 2012 we’ve sold over 10 million units. We never imagined being able to grow this large at such a quick rate and without the resources, connections and support from Amazon that would not have been possible.

The superiority of the FBA program however, is not in logistics alone. In today’s social media market brands need a tremendous amount of energy and resources to maintain visibility and constantly acquire new customers. With the FBA program, Amazon’s growth is funneled to us directly.

This past Thanksgiving was our fourth holiday season being a part of the FBA program. One of the amazing things about Amazon is that they can completely create the stage. While everyone packs in their deals for Thanksgiving and black Friday, Amazon jumped the gun and had an entire black Friday month! We had no returns to worry about because it was all handled seamlessly by the fulfillment centers. Although we’ve grown tremendously, our team is always available for our customers. In fact, our staff personally handles over 500 emails a day, resolving any technical support issues that arise. The connection we have with our customers is the most important key to our success. We’ve always made it our priority to make sure those relationships never slip away.

What’s interesting about our journey with Tech Armor is that as technology continues to advance our journey continues to evolve. Every time Apple comes out with a new phone we immediately upgrade our products to fit their model. Innovation is the key ingredient in any venture and the fact that our product revolves around the ever-changing mobile space brings a unique sense of freshness to our brand. At the same time, the underpinnings of our success is the fact that Tech Armor is built with the highest quality yet always at a great price. In return we’ve received incredible loyalty from our customers which is the most important component of any brand’s long term success. One of the best investments that we’ve made as a company is the time and focus on user experience. The only way to really know what your consumers are looking for is to hear it directly from them. They may not always reach out to tell you, but we’ve made it our business to ask for feedback and always respond to any comments or requests. Our philosophy was to create a product that we would want to buy from ourselves and that has been our guiding principle which has helped us maintain our quality standard.


In many cases people tend to underestimate just how hard it is to become an entrepreneur and how big the investment of time and energy that you’ll need in order to make it succeed. Looking back at our journey I still remember the first day we launched and we only sold two units. The second day we doubled our sales by selling four only to slide back to selling only two the next day. Fast forward a couple months and we had over $3 million in sales. Success is contingent on many variables that are truly outside of your control, but passion is something that you have complete authority on and it’s the most important element needed for success. At Tech Armor, we’re just as passionate today as we were when we first started the company and we’re excited to see what the future brings. It’s been a terrific journey and our partnership with Amazon has allowed us to turn our dreams into an incredible reality.

Joes Tech Armor HeadshotJoe Jaconi is the Co-Founder and General Manager at Tech Armor  is a leading manufacturer of mobile device accessories including Tech Armor Certified Cables, Wall and Car Chargers, Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors and the new Relax Series of next generation iPhone cases. Tech Armor products are built around the need to protect and connect mobile devices at an affordable price. Based in Redondo Beach, CA and founded in 2012 as a collaboration between two close friends, Tech Armor was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced mobile device accessories available from retail brands today. Engaging directly with its customers, Tech Armor provides higher-quality, better-performing accessories at a fraction of Big Retail prices, all backed by an industry leading Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty.