Under Armour Christmas Weekend Data

Under Armour Christmas Weekend Data
December 30 07:59 2016 Print This Article

Half a million people in the U.S. logged what they ate over the holiday weekend in MyFitnessPal – the world’s largest digital food and community-based database. Let’s take a look to see what people were eating with their friends & family this year:
More people logged food on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas day, we saw a spike in traditional holiday foods, like ham and mashed potatoes… and people saved the pie for the big day! The below are the top foods that were logged more on Christmas Day, compared to Christmas Eve

  • Mashed Potatoes – logged by 196.2% more users on Christmas day, compared to the day before
  • Ham – 173.8% more
  • Cherry Pie – 166.5% more
  • Pecan Pie – 159.6% more
  • Sweet Potato Pie – 152.5% more
  • Apple Pie – 135.3% more

The top five traditional holiday foods logged on Christmas day:

  1. Turkey – 15.8% of users logged Turkey
  2. Cake – 14.1%
  3. Cookies – 13.8%
  4. Mashed Potatoes – 9.9%
  5. Pie – 9.5%

The holidays are always a time to indulge in sweets; 3 of the top 5 foods logged were dessert.

  • Cake – logged by 14% of users
  • Cookies – (13.8%)
    • While chocolate chip cookies was one of the most logged, the cookie that had the highest increase from last year? Gingersnaps! 9% more users logged eating these types of cookies compared to last year’s Christmas.
  • Pies – (9.5%)
    • Pumpkin and Apple pie will always have a special place in America’s heart – these two pies were the most-logged by our MFP users in the USA on Christmas day

The holidays are also a time where we find ourselves eating foods that we typically don’t eat the rest of the year. We looked at what those foods were this year:

  • Eggnog – 1,836% increase on Christmas day, compared to the rest of the year
  • Sweet Potato Pie – 1,129% increase
  • Fruitcake – 1,046% increase

What were the trendy foods this year, compared to 2015?

  • Rum came out on top, with 22% more users logging the beverage; at the same time, white and red wine saw a dip – 36% and 30% decrease, respectively.
  • Cocoa and gingersnap cookies were also popular this year, with an increase of 9% more users logging these delicious desserts, compared to last year’s Christmas

* All data points below reflect food logged in MyFitnessPal by USA users only.